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iPhone 5S Cracked

iPhone Repair

Is your iPhone screen cracked?  Do any buttons not work? Does it have Water Damage?

PC Repair

Will your PC not boot? Is it really slow? Does it have viruses? Did your hard drive crash?
iMac Blinking Folder

Mac Repair

Will your MacBook or iMac not turn on? Is it really slow? Need help setting things up?

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The Best Hacks for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

So you have finally managed to get your hands on the gleaming and expensive iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? It must definitely be a good feeling, since both phones come with new features and technology, which makes it the best iPhone till date. The newer software and...

iPhone 6 Ran Over By Multiple Cars!

A customer came in today.  He said he had left his phone on the top of his car and took off.  Realized when he got home where he had left it. The phone was found on the road and had been driven over by multiple cars. iRepair was able to restore the phone to it's...