Hard Drive

Hard Drive Repair

Does your Mac show an uncharacteristic display upon starting it up? If your screen displays a flashing folder or unfamiliar message, then the hard drive has most likely failed. This is common, as the hard drive usually endures 3-5 years of usage. A failed hard drive will make your Mac inoperable until it is replaced. But don?t worry, our Mac repair in Minnetonka offers data recovery services and the ability to replace the hard drive for your Mac.


Water Damage

Is your Mac running slow? Or maybe there are too many programs installed? These are common issues that Mac users run into. Programs and files build up on a computer over time and decrease the user experience drastically. We can fix this problem. iRepair offers a service to backup your entire computer and then allow you to customize your computer by erasing or restoring any of your programs and files. This service will correct system problems which leads to a faster computer once again.


SSD Upgrade

Want your Mac to run faster? If you don?t have a Mac with an SSD your missing out! SSDs can be up to 92x faster than a standard hard drive. We can install an SSD into your computer. An SSD is a Solid State Drive, this means that there are no moving parts, just memory chips. It is much more forgiving if you drop your mac than a hard drive. This will make your Mac much faster and responsive. It will allow you to increase productivity and enhance user experience.


Memory Upgrade

Does having multiple programs open on your Mac slow the entire computer down? Most Macs are only capable of running a few applications at a time, and this leads to issues for people who multitask. The solution to this is to upgrade your Mac?s memory. Upgraded memory will allow you to run multiple programs simultaneously with increased speed and allow for quick and efficient video editing and audio editing programs. Our Mac repair Minnetonka location specializes in memory upgrades.