Hard Drive Replacement

Does your Mac look like one of the two above? When you turn it on does it only have a flashing folder? Unfortunately your hard drive has probably failed. This is common.   Hard drives only last 3-5 years. All is not lost, iRepair offers data recovery services and we can replace your Mac with a new hard drive.

Water Damage

Did you get your Mac wet? Well hurry in! There is a chance we can save it. Ususally if it has happened with in 1-2 days is best.

Reformat and Reinstall

Is your Mac running slow? Have too many programs installed? We can backup your computer then start fresh by erasing and restoring your computer like new. We can also restore all the programs and files you want to keep. This will also correct system problems and speed up your computer.

SSD Upgrade

Want your Mac to run faster? If you don’t have a Mac with an SSD your missing out! SSDs can be up to 92x faster than a standard hard drive. We can install an SSD into your computer. An SSD is a Solid State Drive, this means that there are no moving parts, just memory chips. It is much more forgiving if you drop your mac than a hard drive. This will make your Mac much faster and responsive. It will allow you to increase productivity and enhance user experience.

Memory Upgrade

Does your Mac run slow when you have multiple programs open? A memory upgrade would allow you to run more programs simultaneously and allow for more effects or tracks in video editing or audio programs. We can easily add memory to your computer.