Hard Drive

Hard Drive Repair

Is your PC not starting up? Is the screen unrecognizable when you turn on the power? In all likelihood, the hard drive has failed. A hard drive?s lifespan is typically 3-5 years. But don?t worry, our PC Repair Services in Minnetonka, MN can recover your valuable data and replace the failed hard drive with a brand new one. Stop in today and we?ll fix this problem worry-free!

Water Damage

Water Damage

Did your PC come into contact with water and stop working? Don?t panic, iRepair is here to save the day! Stop by our PC repair Minnetonka location as soon as possible, and we will do our best to save your computer. iRepair has advanced damage-recovery technology, and there is a high probability that we can repair the PC if it is brought in within 1-2 days of the water damage occurring.

Trash Can

Backup and Factory Restore

Is your PC running slower than you desire? Are you looking to clear out the programs that are slowing the entire computer down? iRepair offers a service that allows you to take the PC using experience to a whole new level. We are able to clear out old, unwanted files, and restore the ones that you want to keep. The cleansing of your programs and files will correct several issues that PC?s encounter and speed up your computer at the same time.

Solid State Drive

SSD Upgrade

Would you like your PC to run faster? Maybe even faster than you thought it could ever run? An SSD (Solid State Drive) is the solution for you! SSD?s can speed your PC up by up to 92X faster than the standard hard drive that came with your computer. An SSD is a memory chip that goes into your computer and is much more durable than a hard drive in the event of an accident occurring. Our Minnetonka PC repair shop can install an SSD for you which will immediately increase speed and responsiveness, leading to a smoother user experience. If you don?t have an SSD for your PC you are missing out!

Random Access Memory

RAM Upgrade

Does your PC run slowly when you have multiple programs open at the same time? This is a frustrating problem, but we know how to fix it. An upgrade to your PC?s memory will allow you to keep as many programs open at once as you?d like, and still have a fast computer. This upgrade to the memory will allow you to simultaneously run programs without sacrificing speed and allows for an efficient and enjoyable process. iRepair can get your computer in better condition than ever before!